Customized Investment Process

Concentrated Efforts on Investment Management

  • Define Your Personal and Financial Objectives
  • Four-Step Investment Process:

Step 1: Define Your Investment Objectives (Where you want to be)

  • Investment Objectives
  • Time Horizon
  • Risk Tolerance/Investment
  • Experience/Philosophy/Expectations
  • Define Pools of Assets/Liquidity Requirements
  • Tax Considerations
  • Financial Model

Step 2: Determine Your Investment Strategy (How you will get there)

  • Set Strategic Allocation
  • Customize Tactical Allocation
  • Craft Investment Policy Statement

Step 3: Build Investment Portfolio (Portfolio analysis and recommendations)

  • Define Role of Current Holdings
  • Review Tax Consequences
  • Select “Best of Breed” Managers
  • Define Appropriate Entry Points Into the Markets

Step 4: Manage and Monitor Progress (Tools to stay on course)

  • Manage Portfolio’s Risk and Opportunities
  • Ongoing Manager Due Diligence
  • Comprehensive Reporting to Measure Progress
  • Meaningful Communication to Keep You Informed