Client Concern: "I'm afraid of being misled." 

Questions to Advisor:
  • "How do I know you are representing my interests first?"
  • "Is there an incentive for you to sell products?"
  • "How can you assure me I am avoiding all hidden and unnecessary costs?"

⇓ Explore how we help protect our client’s interests.

The Capital Navigation Group is organized in three ways to protect our client’s interests:

  • Independence – As independent financial professionals, we are able to provide you with sound advice, free from the pressure to promote particular products or to meet a parent company’s sales quotas.
  • Fee-Based Policy – This straightforward compensation structure helps to ensure that our interests are aligned with yours. As you prosper, we prosper.
  • Full disclosure – You’ll be made fully aware of the compensation we receive and the rationale for our advice.

Our recommendations are made with objectivity and full disclosure.