State of the Art Communication System

State-of-the-Art Communication System
We measure the progress of your investment portfolio against your stated objectives.

You will know exactly where your money is and what is it doing at all times.

You have access to a powerful and custom investment management platform that provides timely, accurate, and meaningful information to measure your portfolio's progress.

Investment Reporting
You will be receiving monthly statements from National Financial Services, LLC (NFS) as well as quarterly investment reports from us, which will include a big-picture perspective in addition to detailed accounting of your portfolio.

We provide quarterly, detailed reporting for all invested assets, including those not directly managed by us.

Online Access Investment Reporting and Wealth Management
You will have access to Investor360°®, a robust custom reporting system to track your portfolio.

All of your wealth management planning documents (investment, retirement, tax, estate, business, and insurance planning) will be easily accessible on the same Investor360° site.

Meaningful Communication
Throughout the year, we will send you pertinent information to keep you informed about your investments and your wealth management needs, as well as answer questions you may have about the economy and markets as a whole and how it relates to your portfolio.

Investment Reviews in Person
We typically meet every 90 days to review the economy, markets, investment results, portfolio adjustments made, and strategies looking ahead. However, these can be scheduled according to your preferences.