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At the Capital Navigation Group, we work exclusively with high-net-worth business owners, individuals, and families, providing them world-class financial management in accordance with their overall financial plans. Our team prides itself on providing our clients with the utmost personal attention while piloting them through their entire wealth management process.

The Capital Navigation Group has worked solely with individuals like you, with similar financial challenges and little time to spare. We can help you navigate toward financial succes, by integrating all aspects of your financial life into one coordinated strategy. By identifying where you want to be in the future, the Capital Navigation Group will chart the course you need to work toward your desired destination.

What makes the Capital Navigation Group unique

  1. Independent, Fee-Only Services
    Our independence enables us to avoid any constraints imposed by the use of propriety products . . . Learn more
  2. A Personalized Client-First Service Model
    Many investors express frustration with their current advisory firm, stating that they feel they are a number . . . Learn more
  3. Concentrated Efforts in Investment Management
    Since it requires skill, expertise, and focus to create a personalized investment strategy . . . Learn more
  4. Comprehensive and Collaborative Wealth Management
    Our ability to help you realize your financial goals requires a keen understanding . . . Learn more
  5. World-Class Capabilities Through Partnerships
    As an independent firm, we have the freedom to work only with the most highly reputable . . . Learn more